POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) — Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, the official start of Lent.

This was the school mass this morning at Holy Family in Poland.

The smear of ashes in the sign of the cross is meant to remind us of our mortality. It also means the kids have to give something up.

“I’m giving up snacking, cookies, cakes, chips,” one kid said.

“I’m giving up an hour on my iPad a day,” another said.

“Candy, sweets and chocolate, I’m giving it all up chocolate syrup,” another student said.

“I’m giving up cupcakes for Lent this year.”

“For this Lent, I’m going to give up TV,” one student surprisingly said.

Oh no, not TV! It’s going to be a long Lent. The season lasts 40 days, ending on Easter.