HUBBARD, Ohio (WKBN) – Hubbard High School students were using homemade solar ovens Friday to learn about the sun.

The solar ovens were hand-made out of pizza boxes, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap by the students.

Environmental Science Teacher Mike Brekoski says the ovens serve as miniature greenhouses that reflect the sun’s rays and trap the heat inside.

Brekoski says he decided to incorporate the ovens as part of his lesson plan.

“I figured in order to understand the sun a little bit better, we might as well put it to use and see if can’t harness some of the energy and really see it for ourselves,” Brekoski said.

Although the sun didn’t really cooperate to cook their hard-boiled eggs today. On a nice sunny day, Brekoski says the ovens can reach 250 degrees in an hour or two.