YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Summer vacation is here for some schools across the Valley, and one school has started a camp that will help its students listen to radio signals from across the planet.

Valley Christian School is hosting its fourth annual STEM Camp.

This year, the students are learning about amateur radio broadcasting.

The 10 students in the camp will construct their own radio antenna made out of tape measuring materials to listen for radio broadcasts from around the world.

Camp organizers said the camp will provide hands-on experience that the students wouldn’t get anywhere else.

“I just think it’s an incredible opportunity for students here in Youngstown to be exposed to this kind of technology and engineering skills, and even having experts coming in from Houston, Texas, to share their knowledge,” said co-organizer Dr. Josh Reichard.

Each student will construct their radio antenna on Thursday with the hopes of listening to broadcasts from the International Space Station as it flies overhead.