(WKBN) — There’s plenty to talk about with sports betting coming to Ohio next year.

Ron Potesta sits behind the mic at 1390 The Gambler.

He loves talking baseball, high school sports and about YSU. That won’t change, but sports betting’s arrival will lead to one difference.

“Truth be told Dave, I’m probably going to throw out the numbers in terms of point spreads for local teams a lot more often now,” Potesta said.

Just another dimension to talking about the Browns, Steelers and Buckeyes. The Gambler has programming which coincides with sports betting.

Ron and his friends Joe and Uncle Jimmy make football picks every week against the spread. When the sports books arrive, you might see the show go to where the action is.

“Just make it a local show where everyone can take part in this live instead of calling in on the station,” Potesta said.

Justin Coffin hosts the 330 Sports Show, which is a live stream podcast.

He’s had a few First News employees on his show, which talks about more than sports. He sees legalized sports betting as more entertainment to talk about.

“I think the cardinal rule of betting is bet for entertainment purposes only. Don’t expect to win money,” Coffin said.

Cofffin expects the betting conversations to pick up. The games and other topics will still be a major focus though. He makes picks on-air too, but only for entertainment value.

“I may be right. I may be wrong, but that’s why it’s gambling. At the end it’s your decision,” Coffin said.

Both sports hosts hope listeners keep sports betting simple; Do it for fun and for no one to lose money.