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An owner of a brewery in Columbiana spoke about how it supports other local businesses

COLUMBIANA COUNTY, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s Small Business Saturday, which means people are encouraged to get out and support local businesses.

It was the tenth annual Small Business Saturday.

An owner of a brewery in Columbiana spoke about how it supports other local businesses.

“It’s nice to see that we’re able to make a positive impact on this community,” said Jon Dunn, Co-owner of Birdfish.

Starting a coffee shop like Lib’s Market out of Salem or Birdfish, a brewery in Columbiana, can be tough work, and being a small business means having to try a little harder to get customers to come out.

“We do have to have special events or do whatever we can. You know, we try and do our best to make this an attractive place to come and hangout,” said Dunn.

A lot of these local businesses don’t just invest in themselves. They invest in each other.

“It’s called Front Porch Swing. It’s a lighter beer. It’s nice and easy to drink. It’s refreshing this time of year,” Dunn said.

For instance, Lib’s and Birdfish come together to make a tea infused beer.

“Before beer, we liked coffee. So, going to Lib’s Market, hanging out there, having a cup of coffee, used to have meetings there every once in a while, just kind of grew into a little partnership,” Dunn said.

Between the hops that come from farms in New Waterford, the merchandise coming from a creator in Lisbon, Dunn says it’s about keeping the money in the community.

“We like to help out friends, help the people in our community. By putting money back into the community, we’re helping our friends and our family,” said Dunn.

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