Local sisters start online thrift store that’s fashionable and environmentally friendly

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"The Back Rack" started after the sisters worked in retail for many years

NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – Two sisters from Youngstown are letting no clothes go to waste. They started an online thrift store, creating a clothing cycle to reduce fashion’s environmental impact.

The Bodo sisters have a passion for fashion, but they’re also bringing awareness to the safety of our environment.

“Just thinking about wearing a shirt and you not liking it and possibly just throwing it in the garbage can and it’s sitting in a landfill for hundreds of years is absolutely crazy,” said Glenniece Bodo.

“The Back Rack” started after the sisters worked in retail for many years, seeing a constant pattern that they knew had to change.

“A lot of things that we didn’t sell we actually just threw away, and the thought of not being able to give that to a secondary home that maybe someone may have needed, didn’t get the ability to get it,” said Sheri Bodo.

Sheri says after going to the School of Fashion at Kent State University, it was an eye-opening experience.

“I just learned about the detriments that fast fashion really does put onto people and other countries we don’t see day-to-day,” Sheri said.

Fast fashion is a clothing cycle that is produced rapidly with non-sustainable materials to keep up with the latest trends. To reduce that cycle, the sisters started a new initiative called “Sell to The Back Rack.”

“That allows people, especially right now in COVID, to sell their stuff to us in a virtual way. So instead of having to take things to your consignment store down the street and having to lug around all those things,” Sheri said.

The Back Rack averages eight or nine sales per day. One of their current sales was someone from Australia.

“It’s pretty great that we have that type of outreach that we do. We just want it to grow and we want to make a brand that’s not only eco-conscious but fun,” Sheri said.

For more information, visit The Back Rack’s Facebook or Instagram pages.

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