LOWELLVILLE, Ohio (WKBN) — GM’s electric Corvette is coming next year and Lordstown Motors’ Endurance is coming in the fall, but some people don’t want either, or an electric vehicle at all. They’re more interested in old trucks, which are as big as muscle cars were 30 years ago.

The sound of an engine can make a truck enthusiast’s heart race. Joe Fire knows the rush and Fireball Motors has been feeding it for 28 years.

“You just don’t see this stuff. When is the last time you pulled into a place and saw 130 trucks that were at least 30 years old?” said Fire.

Fireball Motors along Route 422 features trucks from the ’60s through the early ’90s — Ford, Chevy, all the big names. He stood next to a ’71 International Harvester.

“The simple fact that they’re not around anymore and we bring them back to life. We bring them here first and then we bring them back to life once they’re here,” said Fire.

Fire has great success finding these trucks out west. He makes about five trips a year. You’ll notice the license plates — Oregon, Washington. It’s where he finds the best trucks.

“We go to parts where the weather isn’t terrible. It stays very moderate in the I-5 Five corridor so they don’t get too much heat. They don’t get too much cold in the vehicles that are preserved out there,” said Fire.

Fire said people buy the trucks too because they’re simpler. No needless technology like a backup camera or heated steering wheel. Pop the hood, and you won’t find a computer chip. A driver can get in there and fix it themself.

“The majority we sell, farmers buy them for work. It just makes more sense to spend $9,500 on an old truck that you can throw things at and not feel bad if you scratch it,” said Fire.

Not to mention that a new truck can cost upwards of $70,000 or $80,000. Many people stop just to look at the trucks.

Fire wants to find more people who can work on the trucks — mechanics, body shop workers and detailers.

Fireball Motors is located at 6333 McCartney Road in Lowellville. For more information call 330-536-6680.