MAHONING COUNTY, Ohio (WKBN) – In light of recent gun violence across the country, most recently the Chicago fourth of July parade shooting, law enforcement agencies across the nation are ramping up their security tactics for public events.

During the summertime, large events, fairs, concerts, parades and more are enjoyed by lots of people.

With the new conceal and carry law being passed earlier in June in Ohio, First News learned how this changed processing for local law enforcement.

“It constantly has you trying to develop security plans and how to deal with situations like that,” said Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene.

Sheriff Greene tells me law enforcement is preparing for upcoming events in Youngstown like the Luke Bryan concert at Wean Park.

“The concert we have coming up here we have already had a couple meetings about security, there will be additional meetings about security,” he said.

Sheriff Greene says with all the shootings happening around the country there is a heightened awareness about public safety at large venues.

“Obviously it creates challenges knowing people are gunna have weapons everywhere,” Sheriff Greene said.

Sheriff Jerry Greene says there is some grey area when it comes to the new gun laws, but law enforcement will continue stay up to speed on the best safety practices especially at public events.

“We are certainly in law enforcement of evolving of how we deal with these situations, especially active shooter situations, that’s continuously changing because we are continuously learning,” he said.

Sheriff Greene tells me its important to pay attention to concerning or threatening social media posts and contact police immediately.

“Everybody needs to be vigilant if you see some type of behavior especially online if it doesn’t pass the smell test, you need to do something and say something,” Sheriff Greene finished.