BEAVER TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – We have reported on multiple animal shelters being overrun with cats and dogs this summer. One shelter in Beaver Township is so full, they have to temporarily stop intake.

Crates line the intake room at Angels for Animals in Beaver Township — a situation that founder Diane Less says is frustrating.

“The cat crisis that we face right now, that you’re looking at right now in the background here, is all a product of people who simply don’t care about these cats until it becomes a problem for them,” Less said.

The shelter currently has about 800 cats in its system. Less says it all comes down to the lack of spay and neuter procedures.

“We have a facility here that could handle taking every cat in the region if people would bring them before they make a litter,” Less said.

Overcrowded cages can be seen in multiple rooms at Angels for Animals because of the influx of intake they’ve seen over the past few months.

“Every time we make a little bit of space, we get some adoptions. We made a little bit of room in that intake lobby… Eight more cats showed up yesterday,” said Sherry Bankey, feline manager at Angels for Animals.

That’s why the shelter has temporarily changed the intake process. The shelter will always accept injured animals and pregnant cats with hopes that the person takes the animal back after it gets fixed.

“If you show up here, we’re going to explain to you our situation. We’re going to see if we can work with you on getting the animals fixed. Perhaps fostering for us. It will be on a case-by-case basis how we deal with it,” Less said.