Local senators introduce bill to make it easier to erase felonies from record

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(WKBN) – State Senators Sean O’Brien and Michael Rulli have introduced a bill that would make it easier for Ohioans to expunge felonies from their records.

Under the proposed bill, depending on the severity of the crime, offenders could file for expungement ten to 20 years after a crime was committed.

Lawmakers said each case will be reviewed by a judge, who will decide if the individual qualifies.

“The judge looks at the totality of the offense at the time and now, what has the person done with their lives? If they have a job and are productive, we want them to continue doing this. We want them to better themselves,” O’Brien said.

Some offenses — including convictions of murder, voluntary manslaughter, child abuse, kidnapping, human trafficking, terrorism, domestic violence and any sexually-based offense — would not qualify for expungement.

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