WELLSVILLE, Ohio (WKBN)- There’s a new phone line to help students in Wellsville that are in a dangerous situation.

The Wellsville schools and police department have implemented “The Tiger Line.”

Kids can call, text and even send photos to the line if there’s someone at school with a gun, someone talking about suicide, or someone being bullied. They can use the line if they know someone being abused or even if another student is hungry, cold or homeless.

“It’s just an outlet or a resource that we can provide some help for them to maybe get them through a tough time or assist them in making good decisions,” said Wellsville High School Principal Coy Sudvary.

The line is monitored by the police department and all messages are confidential.

According to a press release, here are the existing security measures that the school already has in place:

  • Resource Officer in each building every day.
  • All outside doors are locked after tardy bell.
  • Access to the building is more restricted. The Resource Officer meets parents at the door to receive items brought for students.
  • BOLO sticks have been installed in classrooms.
  • Parents/Guardians are to call in advance to let the office know of student appointments and early dismissals.
  • The automated One Call system will notify parents that their child is absent from school. The message is sent at 9 a.m.
  • Halls, parking lots, and restrooms are monitored multiple times daily.
  • School cameras are mainstreamed live into the Police Department.
  • Vape detectors installed at the High School.
  • Threat extinguishers are in each building
  • Installation of Key Fob Entry System for staff.
  • The application of 3M Safety Film to front doors and first floor windows.
  • Implementation of the Raptor I.D. System that requires all visitors to let us scan their driver’s license or state I.D. through the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).
  • Background check by all volunteers, paid for by the Board of Education (BOE).
  • Transparent backgrounds required and supplied by the district.

The number for the Tiger Line is 330-383-8830.

Coy said the school also has a Wellsville mobile app with a tip line on there. Those emails all go to him anonymously.