Life-saving technology is holding drivers accountable at school bus stops, and a local district is putting it to use.  

South Range Local Schools are helping protect students who ride the bus by cracking down on drivers who ignore the flashing red lights and crossing arm. It’s a small piece of technology but could have a big impact on saving lives.

Bus Number 3 from South Range has the busiest route in the district. A stop-arm camera was placed on that bus two months ago. Transportation Supervisor Ryan Dunn said it’s been instrumental in cracking down on drivers.

The camera records when the bus is running, and when a car passes illegally. The bus driver pushes a button from inside to mark the video. Dunn later watches the video and can see the driver, the vehicle and license plate. That information is then turned over to police. 

Dunn fought for the technology after hearing about and experiencing drivers blowing past bus stop signs at upwards of five times a day, putting children in very dangerous situations.

“It’s someone’s child. It’s a life that you cannot replace and that is the most important thing. We have to pay attention. These are irreplaceable children that we are dealing with on the school bus. You have to pay attention,” Dunn said. “It’s not about entrapment, it’s about students’ lives and making sure that they get to school safely.”

Dunn said in just the first two months, they caught five drivers blowing past the bus stop sign.

“If these kids can’t get to school then how are they supposed to educate themselves? How are they supposed to have a future? You know, it’s all starts with the bus,” Dunn said.

Dunn wants two more cameras for the other busy routes in the district.