FOWLER, Ohio (WKBN) – A school in Fowler has a new place for students to go who are feeling overwhelmed.

Currie Elementary School’s “Calm Corners” was started by school counselor Samantha Lantz and is supported by the building’s teachers.

“Giving students a safe place to process their emotions is important to help them build the skills they need to be able to eventually self-regulate on their own, which they will need in the future. This strategy meets many of Ohio’s Social-Emotional K-2 standards, from students being able to identify and label basic personal emotions, to students being able to identify and use calming strategies to regulate emotions and manage behavior,” said Lantz.

Since the beginning of the school year, Lantz has been teaching lessons in each classroom about the four “ZONES of Regulation,” which help students of all ages simplify how they think about and manage their feelings. Through the lessons, students begin to recognize their feelings and start using coping strategies that help get them back to the “ready to learn” state. 

“One of the most important goals of our school is to teach our students how to manage their emotions when they are in challenging situations. Students will benefit greatly from learning how to effectively manage stress and emotions at an early age. We are grateful for Mrs. Lantz and her efforts in improving the lives of our students through this wonderful program,” said Superintendent Russell McQuaide.

The Calm Corners contain bins filled with stress balls, breathing exercises, fidget toys and coloring pages, which help students work through their emotions.