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Local roller derby league looking to add more players

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(WKBN) – Roller derby may not be something you think of when you consider local sports, but there is a league right here in the Valley. 

“So the way a roller derby bout works is you have two teams of skaters. Each team rosters five skaters onto the track. Four of those skaters are called blockers, and then the other skaters wearing a star on their helmet are called the jammer. The jammer’s goal is to go around the track as many times as possible, passing as many blockers as they possibly can. Now as you imagine, the blocker’s goal is to keep that jammer back and to keep them held so that way they’re not able to score points,” said Brittany Martin, president of the Little Steel Derby Girls. 

The Little Steel Derby Girls is made up of two teams, the Lawless Rollers and the Rustbelt Rollers. They are looking to add on new members.

“I love it, it’s such a great community of humans of individuals. Like everybody is supportive and it’s any size, shape, ability level,” said Alyssa Baughn, who has been in the league for two months now. 

“The thing I like about roller derby the most is, any body type that you have, you’re gonna have a strength that’s gonna lend well, really well to this sport. Whether you are tall, or short, or tiny, or maybe perhaps a larger frame. In any way, you are going to be an absolute asset to the game,” Martin said. 

Anyone who identifies as female and is 18 and over can join. 

The season runs from March to September, but the team typically practices from January to November.

The next game is Saturday, June 29 at the Salem Fun Center at 6 p.m.

Anyone interested in joining can contact the league on their website, or come to a game. 

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