BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – A new venture in the food business is all about the adventure when you go on the road. A local restaurant has dropped its main location and gone mobile.

Johnny Bassil enjoys fixing Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. He did it for seven years at Sauceeino restaurant. He’s dropped that location and is now cooking and preparing meals in a food truck.

“I wanted to go visit all my customers and be in touch with them, and something fun to do, different from the restaurant,” Johnny said.

Johnny converted an old school bus into his mobile restaurant. The food is the same. The truck is just a much smaller space than the restaurant’s kitchen, but he’s adapted.

“I used to deal with my sauces and [the] restaurant has a 5-gallon drum and 25-gallon drums. Right now, we’re doing support, there’s a big difference,” Johnny said.

Johnny has help inside the truck and help outside with marketing from his daughter, Lugina Bassil.

“My name is actually on the truck for the sauce. I love to help out,” Lugina said.

Sauceeino has 30 sauces to pair with its rice-based or veggie-based meals. It’s an exciting adventure, which has become more common as restaurants look for new ways to find customers, plus new ways to reach them.

“I mean, it’s a restaurant on wheels like that there’s no limit to where we could be. So I think it’s a bright future for us and I’m really excited,” Lugina said.

Johnny parks Monday through Friday at the Amish Market in Boardman. This Saturday, Sauceeino will be at Penguin City Beer.