MAHONING VALLEY, Ohio (WKBN) – A special spotlight on a local doctor changing lives across the nation, Dr. Chrissane Gordon grew up in the Steel Valley and holds Youngstown close to her heart.

In 2012, she founded a nonprofit organization that helps veterans struggling with traumatic brain injury.

Most recently, Dr. Gordon helped create a short film that qualified for a large film festival in San Diego.

Dr. Chrisanne Gordon grew up in Youngstown, attended school at Cardinal Mooney and later went to Medical School at The Ohio State University.

“I love Columbus don’t get me wrong but I really love the community and my roots are in Youngstown and my best supporters have always been from Youngstown,” said Dr. Gordon.

Dr. Gordon suffered a traumatic brain injury in 1996, leaving her unable to walk and talk for some time. With the help from her strong support system she was able to heal, and it was in  that moment she realized her purpose and mission.

“When the global war on terror started, our invasion into Afghanistan in 2001, I began noticing clips coming back talking about soldiers who were faining illness or pretending to have a traumatic brain injury,” said Dr. Gordon. “I could not sit back idly, both with my upbringing and my training and let them be called fakers, that just isn’t right. These are the people who volunteer their lives to defend us we better volunteer our lives to get them back to a state of a new normal.”

Through her own personal experiences, extensive research, and help from many people, Dr. Gordon was on the forefront in creating the short Film “Brainstorms.”

This is not Dr. Gordon’s first film yet it offers unique insight.

“Brainstorms” gives the audience an experiential account of what life is like for veterans suffering with a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

“The biggest issue that we all have is awareness, to get our nation on board, and I really think our nation is hungry for a cause. What can unite us? And we can be united by our veterans any day of the week,” said Dr. Gordon.

The film, which qualified for GI Film Festival in San Diego will screen later this month. It was created through a special grant from the Resurrecting Lives Foundation. The national nonprofit focuses on raising awareness of TBI and PTSD among US service members and veterans.

“Brainstorms” uses experiences from veterans, including some from the Steel Valley.