Local police training targets ‘resetting environment’ in tense situations

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Police in western Ohio and Michigan continue investigating the shooting of three police officers over the last 24 hours. Two of the incidents involved traffic stops, one of those where a suspect reportedly grabbed a State Trooper’s pistol.

The shooting incidents come as Youngstown police officers are spending the week training for their annual qualifications.

“It’s apparent that there is a growing disrespect or lack of respect for law enforcement officers, whether it is comments or randomly getting the finger from somebody,” said Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene.

Det. Sgt. Elberty, who oversees the training this week as well as commanding the Valley’s SWAT teams, said training tactics have improved over the years, utilizing new tools police have available. Besides weapons training, the officers are also being taught tactics to give themselves more time in tense situations, calling it “resetting the environment to your advantage.”

“Some of that included backing away, getting cover, creating space between you and the person who might be a problem. That way, you have to make a better decision.

As more departments like Youngstown are using body cameras and other devices to record incidents on the job, training officers say police are able to use those recordings as learning instruments.

“Most police interactions do not end up in deadly force. They end up in a lot of other things and those count just as much as a deadly force incident,” Elberty said.

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