CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) — Typically, when you run a red light, it’s about to be a bad day — but instead, a few people in Campbell got a holiday surprise Friday afternoon.

First News tagged along with Campbell police on Saturday as they spread a little holiday cheer on some stops.

The following is a transcription of one woman’s interaction with Officer Ryan Young:

Young: “Here’s a $25 gas card for you, okay?”
Woman: “Oh, my god, are you serious? I need that because I’m on [empty].”
Young: “Hopefully that makes your Christmas good for you.”
Woman (crying): “Thank you.”
Young: “You’re welcome, you’re welcome.”
Woman: “I love you.”

Robert Lane knew he was speeding, but he and Brianne Lane said they were shocked and relieved by their holiday surprise.

“It’s awesome. I couldn’t believe it. Very surprised and very appreciated — it’s awesome,” Robert Lane said.

Mayor Bryan Tedesco spent $1,000 of his own funds on 40 gift cards to give back a little to the Campbell community.

“Giving something back to the city that they gave us so much — it’s just something to say ‘thank you,'” Tedesco said.

The participating officers said it’s great to be able to spread some joy to the people they serve.

“Considering the holidays are right around the corner and give someone a gas card that could help them out and put a smile on their face, it actually feels pretty rewarding to do that,” Young said.

Campbell police will randomly pass out the gift cards until supplies run out.