Local plumber warns flushing wipes leads to clogged drains

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Even biodegradable wipes can be misleading, said Brian Pritchard of A to Z Dependable Services

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(WKBN) – Some people are having issues with clogged drains, and local plumbers say that may be due to people flushing wipes down the drain.

They’re now reminding people: Don’t flush Clorox or disinfectant wipes down the drain.

Some of the wipes are biodegradable, which can be misleading.

“They do not biodegrade down the drain, so what ends up happening is it forms a clog, and that clog is why you end up needing someone like me,” said Brian Pritchard of A to Z Dependable Services.

This can cost you a lot of money — so remember: never flush anything but toilet paper down the toilet.

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