CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — As Ohio Department of Transportation teams around the state prepare for whatever mother nature brings things winter, supervisors are looking for some seasonal help to keep everything running.

“All of our equipment we use, it needs to be repaired throughout the winter months,” said Ray Marsch with ODOT.

ODOT is now advertising for a part-time mechanic for its garage in Canfield. The job could be up to 1,000 hours during the winter months with a salary of almost $19.50 an hour — but one of the qualifications requires applicants hold a commercial driver’s license.

“The position is really just there to help out our full-time mechanics and allow them to work on, you know, on the big repairs, the big extensive stuff,” Marsch said.

Interestingly, ODOT districts in other parts of the state have a different kind of problem to get through the winter months. The districts don’t have enough plow drivers — something local counties have enough of.

“And primarily in the urban areas, throughout the state, they’re seeing difficulties with hiring in those areas,” Marsch said.

In the meantime, as crews have been using the warmer-than-usual weather to perform routine maintenance work, there’s not much they can do ahead of potentially icy conditions predicted for Tuesday night.

“If it’s preceded by rain, we can’t pre-treat the roads because all that salt and brine gets washed away because of the rain,” Marsch said.

But as conditions worry, workers said they’ll be ready.