(WKBN) – It’s National Nurses Week, and there were nurses from Youngstown who took part in a national demonstration.

Shari Beelen was part of a Youngstown contingent who felt it was important to be in Washington D.C. for the Nurses March on Thursday. They talked with nurses from 31 states and kept hearing from others who share their opinions.

Nurses are tired of healthcare that prioritizes profits over patient care. Plus, they want more protection from workplace violence and better safe-staffing ratios.

“It feels like nurses have become the Swiss Army knife, if you will, of healthcare. We are able to do everyone else’s job, so it’s cheaper to just have nurses do it instead of having an aide and an LPN support and ancillary staff,” Beelen said.

The Youngstown group hopes real change is ahead and plans to continue pressing for movement on the issues.