FARREL, Pennsylvania (WKBN) – Link the Valley, a nonprofit organization in Farrell, has won the Small Business Community Champion Award.

Each year, the award is allocated to 30 small businesses through Citizens Bank Financial Group. The bank highlights businesses that have made a positive contribution to their community.

A $10,000 check was awarded to Link the Valley. Link the Valley is a nonprofit organization that provides low-cost dental care and other health resources to the community.

Lisa Tovcimak started the organization two years ago with her passion to include everyone in proper dental care. Link the Valley travels around to various facilities like homeless shelters, clinics, group homes and more to provide affordable, reliable dental resources.

At the moment, the organization uses a regular car to transport its materials.

“We spend about half an hour loading all our equipment up. A lot of it’s very heavy. We are driving sometimes two and a half hours away, then we are unloading it, sometimes flights of steps, basements, hallways, upstairs,” explained Tovcimak.

Tovcimak plans to use the $10,000 for a mobile unit, which would give them a permanent place to keep their tools.

“We are really not getting to see as many patients as we could if we just had a mobile unit that we could pull in, a wheelchair lift everyone could come out,” expressed Tovcimak.

Tovcimak said she’s seen a need for this type of care in the community and that most of the time, dental care gets put on the back burner.