YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – High grocery prices are affecting many people’s budgets. So, one nonprofit in Youngstown decided to help people with that on Tuesday.

Around 20 shoppers at Save A Lot on Gypsy Lane in Youngstown got a holiday surprise: free groceries! It was part of Youngstown United As One’s holiday giving. On Tuesday, the nonprofit paid a total of $1,000 worth of groceries.

“The people of Youngstown, they deserve it. I mean, it’s hard all over the world. People are struggling and we say, ‘Let’s do it,'” said Darrell Jones, president of Youngstown United As One.

Shoppers who got free groceries were overjoyed.

“I was surprised that someone would go buy someone that you don’t know groceries. It’s a blessing, that’s what it is,” said Nelson Ortiz, of Girard.

“I got to the register and I was making a purchase for the Christmas holiday and my food was paid for me. That makes it a wonderful day for me because I wasn’t expecting it,” said Annette Woods, of Youngstown.

Some people who had their groceries paid for on Tuesday have felt the impacts of high grocery prices, so this was a huge help.

“Prices of milk, eggs and a lot of other foods, it’s been going up,” Ortiz said.

“Everything is just outrageously high right now and it’s making it kind of difficult to survive. This is just truly a blessing for me today,” Woods said.

Jones says this is all about pleasing people while times are tough.

“It means so much, [we] want to give back. That’s why we’re here. Our purpose in life is to give back. It’s a blessing if we just bless one person but we did bless quite a few people today and it just, it makes our hearts feel great to just do that, to be able to be a blessing,” Jones said.

Next week, Youngstown United As One will buy $1,000 worth of winter gear for kids. The group will be donating it to Toys for Tots for the holidays.