NEWTON FALLS, Ohio (WKBN) –– A local non-profit organization is helping people care for their pets who live outdoors and are susceptible to approaching frigid temperatures.

Never Muzzled is offering free straw for people with outdoor dogs and cats as part of their animal straw program with Leavittsburg Feed Mill, which began two years ago.

“If you have an outside dog, the straw will help insulate the dog house,” said Linda Liguori, president of Never Muzzled. “With the wind coming … you also want to try to cover the front of the dog house.”

Never Muzzled’s mission is to help people who need assistance taking care of animals relying solely on donations to fund their outreach efforts, like the straw program.

Pet owners in need of straw can contact the organization for information on where they can get the material to keep their animals safe from getting too cold this winter.

“There’s more need now than there’s ever been before,” said Don Johnson, a Never Muzzled volunteer. “[With] the whole COVID thing, a lot of people who could always take care of themselves, their families, their pets are out of work. It’s just amazing how much need there is out there in this community.”