Local mechanics swamped with repairs, partly blame dropping used car sales

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Local mechanics are getting swamped with car repairs. Many are sending customers to other mechanics to get repairs done if they’re too busy.

In Youngstown, 5 Starr Tire and Wheel has had lots of cars to repair recently They are scheduling almost double the amount of normal repairs.

Co-owner Eric Starr says mechanics around town are also facing this problem.

“Thirty to 50 cars a day. Before, like when it was more normal, I’d say we’d see anywhere from 25 to 30,” Starr said.

The large amount of repairs makes it difficult to clean their shop. It also affects customers.

“If affects, you know, how quickly we can turn everything over, the wait times that we have for people. We’re booked pretty much every week,” Starr said.

Part of this problem has to do with a drop in car sales. People just aren’t buying used cars anymore, and car manufacturers have to wait on certain parts to install in new cars.

“There’s a global shortage in semi conductors right now,” said Bill Adams, PNC Senior Economist.

Adams says the shortage stems from consumers buying electronics during the pandemic.

The lack of semi conductors has impacted auto sales in a big way.

“There have been shutdowns in the auto industry that have limited production last year and this year and are why auto sales have been weak recently,” Adams said.

Starr also says the drop in car sales has impacted his business.

“People aren’t getting cars, so they’re trying to fix what they have. People have to go to work, do what they have to do, so they’re fixing what they have,” Adams said.

Adams says this car sale drought won’t last.

As semi conductors become mass produced again, he expects car sales will improve over the next year.

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