(WKBN) – Tradition is everything when it comes to holidays, and for some on New Year’s Day, that means eating a big old plate of pork and Sauerkraut.

Local shops and meat markets know that, so they prepare accordingly.

“I got four cases of loins. I got like six cases of boneless loins. A lot of boneless is popular. Some of the things I couldn’t get would be like pork sirloins, which is a popular item, but I couldn’t get them,” said Terry Rankin, owner of Rankin’s Meat Market in Columbiana.

Other people, like Rankin, enjoy some kielbasa to kick off their new year instead.

“Baby back ribs are popular, spare ribs are popular. We get a couple cases of each of those. Pork butt roasts are pretty popular. I got like six cases of those — very popular,” Rankin said.

The holidays are a busy time for meat markets all over from Rankin’s in Columbiana County to Badurik’s Butcher Block in Trumbull County.

Between Christmas and New Year’s, these places are constantly serving customers.

“It’s fun chaos; I love it. I’ve been doing this since I was 15 and I’m 46-years-old now, and every year, it gets funner and funner,” said Steve Badurik, owner of Badurik’s Butcher Block in Mineral Ridge.

To prepare for it all, Badurik has to stock up on all the goods, especially kielbasa.

“From the beginning of December through New Year’s, we probably go through about 3,000 pounds of kielbasa,” he said.