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CORTLAND, Ohio (WKBN) — Boating season in Ohio comes to an end in just a few weeks.

Many boaters take their boats out of the water and store them during the winter months.

“It’s not a long process to winterizing boats, and for the amount of time it takes to winterize it and the amount of time it’s going to take to fix it or repair it, if you don’t do it right, it’s better to winterize it,” said Mosquito Lake Marina owner Joe Sofchek.

The boats typically have to be out of the water by mid-October. Sofcheck said boats should be handled properly so no damage is done. There are several steps a boat owner should follow.

“At the end of the year make sure everything is cleaned… The green moss from the wetness on the boats, clean that. We use a lot of that armor on our sheets to protect our sheets during the winter and so basically, clean it like you would clean you car,” Sofchek said.

One boat owner said he even takes his boat to a car wash to prepare it for the off season. However, cleaning isn’t the only thing that will help winterize it.

“We change our lower unit oil, put new spark plugs in it, fog the engine and put Stabil in the gas every year and that way everything’s fresh in it. If you don’t change the lower unit oil and if you have water in, it could freeze and do damage to your lower unit,” Sofchek said.

He recommends going to an expert if you are unsure how to properly winterize your boat.

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