SHARON, Pa. (WKBN)- A new clothing line based out of Sharon is focusing on an important cause.

The brand was created to raise awareness around mental health and suicide prevention.

The clothing line is called Contagious Collection, and the vision behind it is to make self-love contagious.

Kieran Davis is the man behind the clothing line. It’s a cause that’s near and dear to his heart, as he and his family have struggled with mental health.

He came up with the idea around 2016, but it officially launched in April of this year at a pop-up event in Farrell. Contagious Collection sells primarily beanies, t-shirts and long sleeves with inspirational quotes on them like “you are loved.”

Davis said some of his family members have also tried to commit suicide, which is why 10% of all of his profits are donated to mental health organizations like “Mental Health America.”

“I’m always trying to have something that’s sort of thought-provoking because you never know who can be struggling with something that day and then they see someone wearing the shirt and then it’s just like a reminder of I’m not the only person going through things,” said Davis.

Davis said when he was struggling with mental health, he discovered therapy, where he learned he had a severe anxiety disorder. He hopes to remove the stigma around therapy and seeking help.

Davis said he hopes to show people that no matter what you go through in life, you can still find joy.

“Negativity travels so fast, especially in the social media era, and I wanted to start making positivity and self-love, and that mindset of growth and just being your best version of yourself despite whatever you’re going through, despite what you’ve been through,” said Davis.

Davis recently donated about 30 shirts to the children in the “Aware” program in Sharon. A nonprofit program for battered women or men who are victims of domestic violence. Davis was actually in the “Aware” program with his mom as a child and did an internship with the nonprofit in college, so it’s truly a full-circle moment.

Davis also has a Facebook group called Mental Health with Contagious Collection where group members can check on each other and create an open dialogue about mental health. He said it’s important to have a safe space for people to talk and vent because he believes that’s what pushes most people to commit suicide, not having anyone who truly cares enough to listen to their problems.

More information on the clothing line can be found on its website.