(WKBN) – A Valley man is getting his health back after waiting almost six years for a kidney transplant.

Four years ago, Ed Mahoney put up yard signs to find a new kidney. Recently, he finally received a transplant.

Now, he’s resting at home in recovery. He currently has three kidneys in his body, two that barely work and one that was transplanted last Friday.

“They kind of stuffed it in there. They kind of fit it in with those two big monstrosities in there,” Mahoney said.

They are the size of bottles and almost useless. He was doing dialysis nearly every day.

Mahoney was just put back on the organ donor recipient list and got a call within weeks that a kidney was available.

“It’s a miracle that I got a kidney. You know, it’s, it doesn’t happen every day. Well, I mean, it took me over six, almost six years,” Mahoney said.

He admits to some soul searching on that journey but is thankful for the support he had, including from his wife, Chris Mahoney. She’s noticed a gigantic change.

“It’s bizarre. It’s only been a week. So that I could see a really quick change in him just from the surgery,” Chris said.

Ed also had a five-way heart bypass in 2019. It was necessary to prepare him for a kidney transplant.

Ed’s pill case is large. He takes over 20 each morning.

His doctor told him on Thursday that the new kidney is coming along. He just has to be patient.

“Right now, I love auctions, flea markets, garage sales. I do all that kind of stuff. I can’t do any of them now for another three to four months,” Ed said.

Ed will use the time wisely. He knows ahead is a better and more fulfilling life.

“If I could help one person feel better about themselves, that makes me feel better, makes me feel like I have a purpose,” Ed said.

Ed kept fighting, and his second chance came from a 43-year-old man who had heart failure.

He hopes those other two kidneys can be removed someday and ease the pressure he has around his waist.