Local man in need of transplants after Youngstown hit-and-run

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The incident happened at the intersection of W. Indianola and Hudson avenues

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A month before his 30th birthday, Douglas “DJ” Schultz was hit from behind near the intersection of W. Indianola and Hudson avenues. He is at a nursing home and on the list for liver and kidney transplants.

“They’re just trying to streamline him into a normal routine,” said his mother Jamie Jones. “He is on the transplant list for an emergency transplant. We’re just waiting to hear back from what all exactly they need to have done.”

Jones lives in South Carolina and can’t see her son because of COVID-19 restrictions but keeps in contact with people in the area close to her son as well as the people tending to him.

“It didn’t just disrupt his life, it disrupted our entire family,” Jones said. “From grandparents to uncles, to aunties, to everybody down the line.”

The injuries to his organs are just part of what happened to Schultz. He also sustained extensive injuries to his lower body and ribcage.

“He actually, at the nursing home…he was actually able to stand up with some assistance and with help from physical therapy and the tools that they use. He was able to drag his feet like 30 steps so that was a big thing for us. Thirty steps on his 30th birthday,” Jones said.

When the accident happened, it was dark and no debris was left behind to give anyone any clue of who might have hit DJ.

“This is a struggle, daily, It’s not just ‘Oh, I’m thinking about it today,’ it’s a daily struggle on top of just life issues in general,” Jones said.

Jones has talked with the Youngstown Police Department many times for updates and First News also reached out to YPD for an update, but as of this report have not heard back.

“It takes a strong person to go through what my son’s going through right now. It’s going to do one of two things, it’s either going to break him or it’s going to make him, and unfortunately, I’m not in control of that anymore,” said Jones.

For more information about organ donation, go to organdonor.gov.

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