YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Animal Charity of Ohio took in 22 adult dogs from a hoarding case about a month ago. Two of them were pregnant, bringing that number up to 27 dogs. As you can imagine, veterinary bills are piling up, so one man in the community is attempting to break a world record to help raise money for those animals.

Jeff Ondash, aka Teddy McHuggin, already has his name in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most hugs given in a 24-hour period. He will be attempting to break another record this weekend, the most high fives given in a 24-hour period. All of this is to try to help neglected and abused animals right here in Mahoning County.

The sounds of a mother dog’s mournful cries could be heard on Wednesday after she lost six out of seven puppies in her litter.

“She is not coping well. She came back and instantly knew that she had suffered something traumatic by losing all of those babies and she keeps looking for them,” said Jane MacMurchy, coordinator of Animal Charity.

Samara’s vet bill is about $3,500 for an emergency C-section.

“You can tell there’s a lot of inbreeding. There’s a lot of deformities. The puppies that came out were not really formed. They have problems with their pallets and their teeth and spines and their tales,” MacMurchy said.

This extreme case caught the attention of Ondash. He started claiming spots in the Guinness Book of World Records 10 years ago when he set the bar for most hugs in one hour.

“The Today Show heard about it and wanted us to go out to Las Vegas to break the 24-hour record for the American Heart Association,” Ondash said.

Hugs are off the table this time because of the pandemic. That’s where the high fives come in.

“At the Ohio State/Michigan game, we’re attempting to break the Guinness 24-hour high five record. About 15,000 people we have to high five,” Ondash said.

But they need sponsors, which is where the community’s help is needed. Visit if you’d like to get involved.