COLUMBUS (WKBN) – State Rep. Al Cutrona is urging Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost to join Texas’ election lawsuit.

The state of Texas is suing Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin over “election irregularities, a disregard for the election process and violations of the Constitution.”

Cutrona said the executive branches in those states made last-minute changes before the November election.

“These changes, made outside of the rule of law and outside of the legislative process, have cast a great deal of uncertainty as to the outcome of the election in those states.”

He wants the United States Supreme Court to determine whether those states did conduct lawful elections and if not, take action to ensure the sanctity of the election.

“This letter is not about the outcome of the election itself; it is instead to help ensure that all states administered a legal election,” Cutrona said. “If these four states did not do so, they have the potential to invalidate the election results of every other state in the country. We, as a state, must do all we can to guarantee that the results of the election were valid and reflective of the will of the people. The Texas lawsuit will allow the United States Supreme Court to do just that.”

Cutrona represents the 59th Ohio House District, which encompasses most of Mahoning County.