CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — In light of the school shooting in Texas, First News talked to local law enforcement who said every school has to have a plan and is ready in case something happens.

Both schools and law enforcement go through training to prepare for it.

A sergeant from the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office who has put on training for schools gave insight.

“We stick to pretty much the basics: run, hide, fight. You run away from it, you hide if you can’t run away and you fight if you have to. You defend yourself,” said Sgt. Jeff Saluga.

When asked how teachers and administrators react to the training, Saluga said, “I think everybody’s in shock. I don’t think it really has a particular title, such as a teacher or a police officer. It can be anywhere, anymore. It’s not something that any of us who really prepare for, expect to happen.”

Saluga said schools typically go through training about once a year.