BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – If your goal is to have the best-looking lawn on the street, there’s probably not much competition right now. A heat wave doesn’t mix well with having a green lawn.

Grass can dry out if it doesn’t receive enough water. Grass stores most of its water in the blades, so taller grass can hold onto more water than shorter grass.

So if you’re trying to preserve a green lawn, two simple things can help your lawn survive the heat.

“This weather is not too good because it’s like drying the grass out. You can’t cut the grass too low because it’ll turn into like sand and dust,” explained William Loggins, a local landscaper from TW Landscaping & Grass Cutting.

Grassroots go deeper as it grows taller, which means a healthier lawn. It’s also important to change direction every time you mow to keep your grass growing straight.