CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — Go Baby Go is a program that provides modified, ride-on cars for young children with disabilities.

About 25 children and their families came to the Mahoning County Career and Technical Center Saturday morning to pick up a new ride.

“A lot of these kids can’t sit up by themselves, they’re not walking — we even have some children on ventilators and other things and they’re not able to do these kinds of normal play activities,” said physical therapist Beverly Lankitus.

Lankitus started the local branch of this national program about seven years ago. Five years ago, The Magic of Michael foundation started donating the kids’ vehicles.

They even hit a huge milestone this year of 100 donated vehicles — all to remember their sons that passed away.

“Just to see these children come in their families and the happiness on their face because a lot of them have never been out of a wheelchair in their life,” said The Magic of Michael co-founder John Hirschbeck.

Now the children and the families that attend the event get to come into this workshop and get a vehicle that’s specific to their needs.

“Maybe they can only move their finger — well, we have switches that all you need is a finger movement and they think, ‘Oh my gosh, I did that, I’m able to move now,'” Lankitus said.

Riley Osborn received a custom vehicle two years ago. Riley has cerebral palsy. Her dad Josh said the donated vehicle helped her a lot.

“She has a hard time getting around, she has a walker, but the car just kind of lets her go — and they did hand controls because her feet have a hard time working, so that’s really fun for her to control it herself,” Osborn said.

Riley doesn’t just like the car because she can control it, she also likes it “because it’s pink,” she told First News.