LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – Columbiana County will share in $50 million worth of grants across the state to either upgrade security, renovate or pay for feasibility assessments at local jails.

Columbiana County will receive $462,500 in matching funds for renovations to the minimum-security jail.

The current jail opened in 1964, and this project will convert that facility to a full-service jail, with an emphasis on housing a female population.

About 50% of the project will be paid for with the grant.

The grant money is coming from the Ohio Jail Safety and Security Program.

“It’s critical that our jails are safe and secure, but it’s also important that our jail environments can influence positive change and put inmates on a good path upon release,” said Ohio Governor Mike Dewine. “With this funding, we’re helping these local jails move forward with projects that will allow them to better meet the demands of our modern criminal justice system and further support the growing number of inmates struggling with substance use and mental health issues.”

Ten other projects in the state are earmarked for funding. You can see all of them online.