Local high schooler recovering from shoulder injury similar to Cleveland Browns QB’s

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BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Akron Children’s Hospital takes care of the Valley’s sick and injured children. Their sports medicine program is helping a Youngstown teen who suffered a shoulder injury, benching him for the season.

After being hurt at a high school football game, one local teen is part of the way through his physical therapy journey. His goal is to be back on the field for next season.

Fifteen-year-old Tristan LeFlore plays football for Chaney High School, but a shoulder injury left him unable to play for part of the season.

“I fell wrong and I got back up because I didn’t think it was that serious,” LeFlore said.

But it was serious.

A similar injury sidelined Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield during their game against the Denver Broncos.

“Unfortunately, Tristan had what’s called — not to sound too fancy — but a shoulder subluxation episode. Where the main shoulder bone, the humerus, probably slid out of its groove,” said Christopher Liebig, MD, director of sports medicine.

LeFlore has been in physical therapy ever since.

“For the first couple weeks, it was limited mobility, certain movements were painful. But throughout the weeks, it’s starting to feel normal again,” LeFlore said.

Doctors say LeFlore is recovering and they hope he can avoid future problems with his left shoulder.

“I feel like it’s about 85 percent, 90 percent better,” LeFlore said. “I’m excited so I can get back to training for the football season. That’s what I’m pretty excited for is getting back to sports.”

Caregivers say physical therapy will continue for at least the next month.

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