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It is all about finding food that brings you back to the table

(WKBN) – With summer just around the corner and stay at home orders lifted, there is no better time to start thinking about eating better.

Dr. Ben Biteman from Mercy Health explained helpful tips on how to focus on a better diet.

He says those looking to try different diets should find something that works for them; not every diet is the same for every person.

“You want to find something that, you know, if someone decides to go on an all-protein diet, and they don’t eat meat, it’s more difficult. If somebody decides they are going to go on an all-vegetable diet, and they hate vegetables, it is just not going to work,” said Dr. Biteman.

Dr. Biteman says focusing on eating things that you know you like will help you achieve success.

Snacking is a common problem for many people. However, making small changes can make a big difference.

“Choosing things that will keep your blood sugar up longer and less of a peak is probably a better way to snack,” said Dr. Biteman.

Some types of snacks can help, including cheeses, small meat meals like chicken or tuna, nuts and avocados.

A popular diet that doctors say can work is intermittent fasting, where you eat all your calories in a small portion of the day and fast for the rest. Dr. Biteman says this can be a great plan, as long as you are consuming the right amount calories each day.

Drinking water is also very important. Not only is it good for metabolism and digestive health, but it works to keep us fuller, longer.

Health experts say the average person should be drinking 65 ounces each day.

A concern for people can be how much more money it is to buy healthier food options. There are ways to save money and not waste food.

Buying frozen or canned fruits and vegetables can last a little bit longer, but it is smart to keep some fresh options around as a treat.

Canned beans and meats are also smart to keep in your pantry to have options that will last a bit longer.

The best advice is all about finding food that brings you back to the table.

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