BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – A popular tradition during this time of the year is making a New Year’s resolution. A common one is to get physically fit.

We spoke to a few people at Creekside Fitness and Health Center about their New Year’s resolutions and the advice they would give to people wanting to start working out.

A lot of people like going to the gym and a lot of people like making the gym part of their New Year’s resolutions.

“I’m an instructor here so I come teach my classes and usually that’s it. So my goal is to come at least two more days a week,” said instructor Stephanie Harker.

“I want to start using the weights in addition to the cardio that I’ve been doing,” said patron Walter Ritchie.

Some people have been into fitness for a good portion of their lives.

“Usually work out three to four times a week here. I’m also at YSU so I work out at the WATTS, two to three times a week,” said patron Brian Gorby.

While some just got into it a couple of years ago.

“I took a long look at myself and said, ‘I need to improve,’ both physically and mentally. It’s a great destresser for both things,” said patron Nidre Burwell.

Everyone’s workout routine is different. Between weights, cardio and different classes, there’s something for everyone at the gym.

“I do more weights than cardio. I add some cardio in. I just feel like just adding the weights helps me more,” Harker said.

“It’s building muscle, strength. It’s a good component for weight loss is doing the weights,” Ritchie said.

But everyone we talked to said the same thing if you’re looking to get fit as a New Year’s resolution.

“You got to take it slow,” Ritchie said.

“Don’t come in the first day and think you have to run for 2 miles then lift weights,” Harker said.

“Work your own pace. Just because you see people who are bigger and stronger than you or people who are less than you, don’t change your opinion about yourself,” Burwell said.

“All of a sudden, things are going great and a week turns into two weeks, turns into a month, turns into a couple of years,” Gorby said.