Local gun store owner, sheriff say Biden’s executive actions on guns won’t stop criminals

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One of the actions is to get rid of 'ghost guns,' which Sheriff Brian McLaughlin said would be challenging to do

COLUMBIANA COUNTY, Ohio (WKBN) – The Biden administration has laid out its ideas to curb gun violence in the United States, and one gun store owner in Salem thinks it misses the mark.

“It doesn’t, in my opinion, address anything about the criminals that are going to get guns, regardless of the law,” said Wayne Snyder, owner of Call Sign Alpha.

To help prevent guns from falling into hands of ill intent, the administration wants to seek out and get rid of “ghost guns,” among other things.

Ghost guns have to be assembled after purchasing and don’t come with a serial number because they aren’t technically guns at the point of purchase, making them harder to track.

“I just think the best way to go about a gun violence problem is by going after those who are criminally using the guns, stiffer penalties for those that are doing that,” Columbiana County Sheriff Brian McLaughlin said. “Make it so it doesn’t even enter the mind because the penalties are so stiff.”

McLaughlin said in his 31 years in law enforcement, he hasn’t come across a ghost gun and that it would be difficult to trace them.

“I think the majority of the time, the people that are actually manufacturing a firearm are not your criminal element,” McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin and Snyder said it takes some skill and knowledge to make a ghost gun work. Snyder also said the problem isn’t guns and that if a person wants to do harm, they will, whether it’s with a gun or something else.

“Even if you take guns back in, that’s not going to solve the problem because the criminals will continue to get guns because they don’t care about the law,” Snyder said. “Right now, what they’re doing does not address the problem.”

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