YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Stories of local volunteers who helped at the Ukraine-Poland Border were heard Monday at the Jewish Community Center in Youngstown.

Nancy Burnett and Lisa Long with the Youngstown Area Jewish Federation traveled overseas to help in Ukraine. Burnett explained her first-hand experience while volunteering at the Ukraine-Poland Border.

She and Lisa Long were there at the beginning of April. During this time, they delivered 60 pounds of supplies and money donated by people in the Valley. Their work was combined with other Jewish federations across America. They also spoke to refugees and others volunteering.

Burnett described her experience in two words: heartbreaking and heartwarming.

“The people we met. We witnessed so many selfless volunteers and professionals who were working 16 hours a day with these people,” Burnett said.

Long said it was rewarding work.

“I think that’s the biggest thing we did. We were just there to witness and listen and to show the refugees we were there to support them and know that people all around the world care about them and are praying for them,” she said.

“Burnett says the world has been kind to refugees at the border.

“Those people are being fed. They are being housed. They are finding ways to get them reaccomoadated to help with that journey,” Brunett said.

Burnett says what is needed the most is simply money that would help pay for travel expenses, housing, prescription medications and other expenses.

The Youngstown Area Jewish Federation is continuing to collect donations.