STRUTHERS, Ohio (WKBN) – What’s Thanksgiving without a last-minute trip to the grocery store? People are preparing for the big feast, only to realize they’re still missing a thing or two. Tuesday evening, we went to Nemenz IGA in Struthers to talk turkey.

The annual Thanksgiving rush is on with cashiers working as quickly as they can to keep the lines moving and customers happy.

“It’s not real hectic like I thought it was going to be,” said Catherine Rollins, of Youngstown.

Good thing too because Rollins says her Thanksgiving dinner prep starts now.

“I’m prepping a lot today but I am trying to stay in tomorrow so I can just get everything done,” she said.

Grocery stores across the area are ready. The two days leading up to Thanksgiving are the busiest because many stores are now closed for the holiday.

“Fortunately, we’re in better shape this year than the last couple of years. The supply chain has somewhat recovered, and all categories are in good supply,” said Struthers IGA owner Don Gabriel.

“I love it here. I find everything I’m looking for!” said Fannie Tarver, of Youngstown.

The shelves are stocked with whatever you still need to fill your plate.

On average, turkey prices have gone up 24% nationally, mashed potatoes are 20% higher, cranberry sauce is 18% higher and key ingredients for pumpkin pie have gone up anywhere from 23 to 75%.

But despite inflation, you may notice some prices are actually down at the Struthers IGA.

“A lot of the local grocers absorb and invest in Thanksgiving and pass it on to the customers. It’s been a long tradition and still continuing that way,” Gabriel said.

While the stores may take a hit, you the customer are still getting the most for your money.

The wheels on the grocery carts just keep spinning and any last-minute shoppers can still get everything they need.

“Some places don’t have things like cranberries and the turkeys are all picked over, but I have been able to find everything so far,” said Bill Prest, of Boardman.

While a lot of the talk in the grocery store was about prices, customers had something else on their minds too. They’re just happy to be able to spend more time with their families after having to be apart for so long, and that’s what the holiday is truly all about.