YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) –  A Youngstown woman who’s mother cared for foster children, is now becoming an advocate to helping others.

Thursday, there was a celebration for the Andrea Mahone Foundation.

It’s an organization on East Midlothian Boulevard, which believes in second chances.

The group has housing and welcomes returning citizens, recovering addicts, people with mental health issues and the ones society has left behind.

The foundation wants to open doors to endless opportunities.

“So, when one door opens another door will open and another door open. So we are all about restoring hope. So oh my god you get a job. And then you’re able to get a car you get your driver’s license. And before you know what you get married, you buy the house and so the people that are coming through, it’s not even a program,” said Andrea Mahone, “It’s just a way of life. We’re loving people.”

The men’s and women’s transitional center has nearly fifty rooms to help people get started on their second chance.