YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The crowds to meet the Mahoning Valley Mobile Market were a little longer than usual on Wednesday, providing food to people affected by this past weekend’s severe weather.

“We’re really looking for the people who’ve been out of power that have had to throw away their food. That those vouchers, if they need to replace some food, we are happy to be able to do that,” said Eileen Garcia with ACTION.

Recipients were handed vouchers worth $40 each, provided by Mercy Health and members of Youngstown city council. They can be redeemed at the market on wheels.

“So we’re starting over from scratch,” said Carlena Ramey, of Youngstown.

People like Ramey were forced to clean out their refrigerators and freezers.

“Oh, I got fruits and vegetables, I got some cheese. I found haddock here where I can’t find it in grocery stores anywhere else,” Ramey said.

Each of the recipients signs up and is asked if they lost power over the weekend. Some are telling them they went for two days or more before service was restored.

“A little over 30 hours. Sump pump shut off, basement flooded, carpet got wet. Very bad,” said Theresa Lyons, of Coitsville.

“I’ve never had to do this because I always think somebody needs it worse than me. But this time we need it, you know?” said Terry Herron, of Coitsville.

While receipts used this as a chance to re-stock, some worry it won’t be the last time they lose power for an extended period of time.

“We are worried if it’s gonna happen again because we just bought a house out here about two years ago. This is the second year that’s happened so we ordered a generator,” Ramey said.

People are just trying to stay a step ahead of Mother Nature.