NEW CASTLE, Pa. (WKBN) – Super Bowl LV had 96 million viewers on Sunday. The TV cameras made the game look good, but so did the special lighting displays that came from western Pennsylvania.

“It’s an amazing experience. When you’re in the entertainment business, the pyro business, the special effects business that we’re in, it’s like the pinnacle of shows,” said Rocco Vitale, vice president of live events for New Castle-based Pyrotecnico.

Lighting up the world’s biggest stage.

“When you do something like the Super Bowl, you’re there to provide a big ‘wow’ to [an] already ‘wow’ experience,” Vitale said.

More than just fireworks.

“Pyrotechnics — these products are specifically made to be used in a closer proximity setting like a stadium. When you say fireworks, that’s like your Fourth of July celebrations,” Vitale said.

Super Bowl LV isn’t their first time shining the limelight.

“This is actually the second one we’ve done. When it was in Houston, Texas, in 2004 was the first halftime show we did,” Vitale said.

Their star-filled client list continues.

“From an NFL perspective, we do the Buccaneers, the Dolphins, the Rams, the Texans, the Super Bowl now … From an artist standpoint, we work with The Weeknd, Post Malone. We work with Justin Beiber, The Chainsmokers,” Vitale said.

Nicki Minaj, Coachella, Pittsburgh Bicentennial Event, Skrillex, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Justin Timberlake, Cadillac, Transformers, the Rockettes… the list goes on.

You’ll be able to see their next big project on TV too.

“We’re moving into the Grammys,” Vitale said.

And they intend to put on a show.

“Our mindset is to create neat and innovative looks with the pyro or special effects to really make those moments special,” Vitale said.