(WKBN) — Over the last few days, communities have been cleaning up the destruction from last weekend’s tornadoes. One place hit hard was Mayfield, Kentucky.

There’s a lot of need for help. Calcutta Fire Chief Dave McCoy, fireman Randy Schneider and Hanover Township fireman Tim Roush saw that need and hit the road to Mayfield.

They did search-and-rescue efforts and helped clean up the mess. They even talked with the mayor and fire chief of Mayfield, who have a message for those in the Valley.

“A month from now, the spotlight will be off Mayfield, but the people will still be in need,” said Mayor Kathy O’Nan.

“We just hope and pray that you keep us in mind and our citizens are going to have a lot of long-term needs and we appreciate everything that you have already done and are willing to do,” said fire chief Jeremy Creason.

The mayor said its going to take years to recover from the disaster.