SHARON, Pa. (WKBN)- The city of Sharon recognized its fire department for not just putting out fires.

According to the City of Sharon Facebook page, firefighters rescued a dog named Dexter who fell in the Shenango River.

The rescue happened Wednesday night when crews were called for an animal rescue near the Huntington Building. They found Dexter near the concrete embankment in the river.

Once he warmed up to firefighters, they were able to get him onto a rescue boat.

Courtesy: City of Sharon-Facebook

Firefighters brought Dexter back to land, safe and sound.

“The firefighters of the Sharon Fire Department have swift-water rescue training. It’s a skill we like to keep sharp and it’s a skill that we’re ready to use at any moment,” says Sharon Fire Department assistant fire Chief Nick Samson.

The department doesn’t get too many animal water rescue calls.

Samson says the best practice is to keep dogs on leashes while on walks.