(WKBN) — Calcutta and Hanover Township firefighters returned to Mayfield, Kentucky this weekend for a memorial for the tornado that devastated the area.

It was just a year ago when Calcutta Fire Chief Dave McCoy, Lieutenant Randy Schneider and Hanover Township Firefighter Tim Roush aided in the recovery efforts.

They did search-and-rescue efforts and helped clean up the mess.

This latest trip to Kentucky was all about remembrance. The day started off with a memorial walk from the tornado ground zero to the courthouse.

It was then followed by a memorial ceremony. Local firefighters were given the ‘Key to the City’ award from Mayfield Mayor Kathy O’Nan.

“We thought we were just attending the memorial walk during the day and the memorial service later in the evening and we were very honored to receive that award from her and everyone was clapping. It was just very humbling and very shocking because we did not know that was going to happen,” Schneider said.

According to Lt. Schneider, the governor of Kentucky just announced more aid for the families in the area.