(WKBN) — Some local firefighters made their way to Kentucky for Operation Hazard floods search and rescue.

“We’re in Perry County. It’d be Hazard. The city of Hazard,” said Calcutta Fire lieutenant Randy Schneider.

Rocked by heavy rain and flooding Kentucky is under a state of emergency.

“On our way, and we saw several major rock formations from the valleys wash down with the roadways, big boulders, driveways completely gone, roads completely gone,” said Schneider.

Schneider is joined by Tim Rousch and Adam Williams from Hanover Township’s volunteer fire department.

“We actually brought our boat from Calcutta down, they requested our boat. When we asked what resources they need, they said, ‘Manpower, if you have a boat that’d be great.’ I said, ‘Yep, whatever you need we’ll bring it down.’ We donated some cases of water so we’re at their disposal, what they need to help their citizens,” said Schneider.

This is the second time Calcutta’s department is sending people there in less than a year. The first time was in Dec. for a tornado in Mayfield, Kentucky.

“You want to help your community, your fellow citizen. Myself, I have a military background of nine years in the Air Force as a staff sergeant. I’ve always learned to serve my community and my country, and when the calling of people need help you kind of just answer it,” said Schneider.

The plan is to stay until Sunday night but that can change depending on what’s needed.

“You know, you hate to say this is the day we’re leaving but then you find out there’s still people who need help, kind of conscience sits on you, you want to do the right thing, so,” said Schneider.

Schneider said the support back home is tremendous and thanks everyone for allowing them to continue helping people.