SOUTHINGTON, Ohio (WKBN) – Fire departments in the Valley are in need of volunteers.

Southington Volunteer Fire Chief Scott Bower came from a family of volunteer firefighters.

“I’m a fourth-generation member here, my great grandfather was one of the founding members in 1949,” said Chief Bower.

Chief Bower himself started in Southington as a Junior Firefighter and knows how rewarding it is to help the community.

“It’s hard to describe, but you get out there you know people you grew up with and to be able to help them is just a great feeling,” said Chief Bower.

Chief Bower said Southington, like many other volunteer fire departments, is in need of volunteers.

With only a dozen firefighters on the roster, a sign outside the department reads “volunteers needed!”

“Volunteers are hard to come by I mean everybody has full-time jobs most people work 1-2 jobs and trying to get volunteers for the department is just hard,” said Chief Bower.

It’s an issue other departments are worried about too.

“The volunteer world is dropping off everybody’s got multiple jobs, multiple things to do,” said Mecca Twp. Volunteer Fire Assistant Chief Kevin Kuriatnyk.

“Volunteerism is slowly going away I mean whether you’re in your church or your fire department salvation army whatever everybody will tell you the same they’re having trouble getting volunteers people that are able to volunteer their time,” said Weathersfield Fire Chief Tom Lambert.

Chief Lambert said even though his department has 38 volunteers and several dedicated firefighters, it could use more.

He plans to launch a recruitment campaign to entice more people to join.

“It’s something that we’re trying to be proactive to right now and trying to get ahead of that so we’re not reactive,” said Chief Lambert.